Why morning sex is important in your marriage

The reason why there’re so many boring relationships today is that most couples try to hit the snooze on their sex life.

Early morning sex can keep you look young, active, and healthy throughout the day. Bring your day with some amazing, bed entertainment. Morning sex isn’t only good for your love life, it’s also beneficial health-wise.

According to the Institute for Research in sex and reproduction, 40-49-year-olds have sex an average of 69 times per year, while 58 of such encounters take place from 11 pm to 11 am on Saturdays and Sundays… while only a small percentage takes place at 6.a.m on Monday morning. Prior to the above report, you’ll notice that most couples really don’t buy the idea of having sex in the morning.

Whether it’s convenient to have sex in the evening, morning sex is seen as the hottest time of the day to have mind-blowing sex! If you want to have a more fulfilling sexual relationship with your partner revive early morning sex!

Let it become a part of you, and watch your relationship grow.

Without mincing words, here’re some tips you should keep in mind before having morning sex.

Initiate sex in a different way

The reason why most couples don’t experience that sex flame in their sexual relationship is that they keep holding on to the same old, predictable routine.

You could try the bathroom or surprise your spouse, by romancing her in the kitchen. You could also play some soft, romantic music. As soon as you’re both aroused, quietly slip out your underwear’s, and get to the game.

If you want to maintain a high level of sexual intimacy with your partner, then you must learn to surprise him or her now and then.

Don’t let your children sleep in your marital bed

Allowing the kids to sleep in your marital bed is one of the fastest ways to ruin your romantic flame. It’s not saying you shouldn’t allow your children to sleep or have a chat with you on your marital bed. But just don’t allow them to sleep in between you guys regularly.

It put down the romantic flame and makes your sex life boring. And it will make your sexual awakening in the morning difficult!

Experiment with different sex positions

Since you both love the doggy style, experiment with a position like spooning which requires little to no effort.

Do you know women have an active imagination? If you can create the fantasies she’ll enjoy, she’ll do anything you instruct her to do in bed. Stimulate her mind into thinking dirty and naughty.

Remind her about the time you guys did something wild. How you guys made love in the bathroom. See, women love dirty talk. Don’t be deceived. Don’t say to yourself: ‘’ how I wish my woman is naturally naughty’’. No. Women are born naughty. Most pretend. Even the religious ones. They just need a push. Push her. Learn which fantasies turn her on more in the morning. Use those fantasies while having sex with her.

Don’t restrict sex to the bedroom

This is where most couples miss it. Here’s how a typical man discuss morning sex with his wife: ‘’Honey, don’t let us do it here, let’s go to the bedroom’’. Why must you always have sex in the bedroom?

Have you ever thought of trying the kitchen, bathroom or even the corridor? Try something new. Rub aromatic body gels on each other’s bodies. Make your wife look on to the next love-making session.

After your lovemaking session, prepare her breakfast. Yeah, it looks stupid but does it. She’s your wife and life partner. Serving her doesn’t mean a thing. Do it and she’ll love you more…

Plan your morning in advance

Do you know that dating, even in marriage provides the time to connect emotionally and revives romance? The most successful couples never stop dating.

In order to ensure your time doesn’t fall to the list of your daily priorities or schedule, plan ahead of time. Become a master time planner. Couples who don’t plan their time or schedule dates in advance rarely have time for family obligations. Make time keeping a habit. It’s very important. Especially as a man.

Focus on making her feel emotionally connected to you

This is important. You always need to focus on making her feel connected to you.

Remind her that she is loved right after awakening! Caress her in the bed. Speak to her lovingly. Kiss her all over her ears and face. Give her a massage. Whisper nothing but words that’ll make her fall, more for you.

If you’re a married man, or into a serious relationship, this is once in a lifetime opportunity to trigger your relationship. Get this right, and she’ll fall more in love with you.

Do not rush!

Yes, there is always little time in the morning, especially on weekdays. But it’s better to wake up half an hour earlier and devote as much time to your sex as possible as to finish the pleasure in 3 minutes, remembering your daily work plans on the way to the bathroom after sex.

Common! Enjoy sex. Kiss, caress… Spend more time on foreplay.

By spending more time on foreplay, you’ll reduce the chances of losing an erection or ejaculating quickly.

Enjoy sex a lot more. Don’t rush.

Why morning sex is ideal for you

– Morning sex releases the ‘’ I feel good’’ chemical, called Oxytocin which helps couples feel more loving toward one another.

– Sex is exercise.

– Morning sex is fun. It’s a great way to warm up and begin the day.

– Morning sex makes you feel healthier and happier.

– It helps in building a stronger immune system.

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