What Is male infertility & what are the causes and treatments?

What Is male infertility & what are the causes and treatments?

It is time that male infertility and its causes were addressed by our society. It is seldom discussed and as a result, many men are unaware of or unable to accept what can be a serious problem. It has been discovered that at least half of all infertility cases are the result of the man’s inability to conceive rather than the woman. Women are often too quick to blame themselves for the couple’s difficulties conceiving. Sadly many doctors are of the same mindset and testing the male partner isn’t done until later on in the treatment, often after the woman has already undergone invasive testing and treatments. Many men are surprised that the causes of male infertility are relatively simple and can be quite easily rectified.

What is the reason?

The most common causes of male infertility are found in the sperm itself. After submitting a sample to a lab, the seminal fluid will be tested for azoospermia, lack of sperm. Or oligospermia which is more commonly known as a low sperm count. The sperm will also be examined for any irregularities in movement and structure that might be causing the complications. It may be very distressing for a man to learn he has one of the above conditions but with the correct treatment and open communication with his partner, there is no need to give up on beginning a family.

What is the physiological cause of infertility in men?

In men, the cause for infertility is often a low or non-existent sperm count. This is easily treated with hormone supplementation. If you don’t wish to take drugs for the problem, you can make small but effective changes in your daily life. Avoiding hot baths or saunas and shelving your tight jeans and briefs can make a big difference in your sperm count. Avoiding intercourse, however strange it may sound, can also help. The rationale behind this is to allow your sperm time to build up and thereby be in greater number and force. If the problem is physiological, simple day surgery may be recommended to help clear any blockages created by dilated veins in the scrotum or shaft of the penis.

How can you prevent or solve male infertility?

Making changes in lifestyle is one of the simplest but most effective ways a man can increase his sperm count.

  • Diet plays a major role in all health issues but it has a special impact on fertility, so taking steps to eliminate fat, sugar and refined foods, in general, can make a big difference.
  • Smoking can cause impotence in men as well as infertility. There really is no benefit to tobacco use and when a couple is having trouble conceiving quitting smoking is paramount.
  • As strange as it seems, abstinence is another of nature’s cures for male infertility. If a man abstains from intercourse or masturbation between attempts to conceive, his sperm will have greater volume and power than if he maintains a regular “schedule”.
  • Deciding on the right infertility treatment for you.

It is estimated that one in every eight couples will undergo infertility treatment during their life together. Whether they are trying to conceive their first child or are struggling with secondary infertility, the emotions are the same. Stress, frustration, and anger often accompany the initial diagnosis which, unfortunately, only worsens the situation. If you and your partner have begun fertility treatment your first step should be to relax. Medical science has advanced the treatment of infertility considerably in the last decade and your chances of conceiving a child naturally are extremely high. There are so many treatments available, both alternative and conventional, that one will surely suit your needs.

You are an essential part of your infertility treatment

Knowledge is your greatest adversary. After your diagnosis, you and your partner must do as much research as possible to learn all the different aspects of your particular condition and the infertility treatment that is available.

Take responsibility

Write a list of questions that may come up during your research to present to your doctor. Remember that he is working with you to find the best solution and you should feel as comfortable as possible approaching him with your concerns, no matter how small you think they might be.

How is male infertility treated?

More serious measures can be taken if lifestyle change does not seem to be working to solve male infertility. Hormone replacement in women for fertility is very common and many of the same drugs can be used for men. These hormones will help to bolster a low sperm count and used in combination with positive life changes such as avoiding caffeine and alcohol, the success rate is very high. Consider carefully before taking these drugs however, as many couples get more than they bargained for when they find they are expecting multiples because of its effectiveness.

Try combining conventional and alternative methods of infertility treatment

Conventional treatments for infertility include drug therapy, minor surgery and major procedures such as artificial insemination. These are all intensive and costly but the success rates are quite high. You and your partner need to discuss how you are going to make your infertility treatment work financially and prepare yourself accordingly. You also need to prepare for how you are going to deal with these treatments emotionally. Of course, communication with your partner is vital but you might consider some complementary treatments to help reduce stress. Meditation, massage, yoga, and diet are non-medicinal ways to enhance your wellness throughout the treatment.

Education and communication are essential to your infertility treatment. But beyond what happens in laboratories and medical offices, the environment you create at home with your partner can have a massive effect on your efforts to start your family. Be sure to work on creating an atmosphere where you both feel comfortable discussing the emotional challenges that may lay ahead. In the end, you should use the trials you may experience during your infertility treatment to strengthen yourselves as a couple.

There is no need for men to take infertility personally. Billions of couples are dealing with its challenges across the globe and more money is spent researching its treatment every year. Keep a positive attitude and seek out treatment early to avoid any unnecessary stress or procedures. Try to remember that male infertility has nothing to do with your worth as a man and everything to do with the randomness of nature.

This article is written by licensed urologist Dr. Lorie G Fleck who is a highly qualified specialist. If you have any questions you can ask us through the feedback form and Dr. Lorie G Fleck will answer you within a working day. We care about every patient.

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