What foods cure erectile dysfunction?

There are many men who go to a doctor for aprescription during the first symptoms of the erectile dysfunction and buyViagra. It is the easiest way to defeat the symptoms of the impotence but thisway you will not return a hard Male power. The ED treatment may need a seriousapproach including the treatment of the chronic diseases, a body weight loss, changingthe diet, and physical activity. For fast treat ED use Cialis and learn about Cialis (Tadalafil dosage).

The scientists and dietitians have proved that a sexual health of a man depends on his nutrition.

There are several causes why the erectile dysfunction develops:

  • Poor blood circulation in the penis;
  • Low testosterone level;
  • Stress and fatigue.

A balanced diet and good nutrition will help you to improve the potency even better than tablets. Yes, this process will be slow but you will feel a complex effect, and you will not face the erectile dysfunction even at old age.

The following food will improve your potency:

  • Black chocolate.

Many know that black chocolate favors a production of the happiness hormones and improves mood. It will help to cope with stress and a psychogenic type of the ED. The recent studies have also proved that the black chocolate contains flavonoids, ingredients that improve the blood circulation. It is a good news for men with the ED because the black chocolate has become even more useful.

  •  Oysters and sea food.

Oysters as many sea food are natural aphrodisiac. They increase the testosterone level, and it means that it improves libido and erection. The matter is that oysters contain a lot of zinc which is responsible for the production of testosterone. Also, pay attention to mussels, shrimps, and sea cabbage. All these sea foods will help to improve the potency.

  • Watermelon pulp.

A few people could believe but watermelon is as effective as Viagra. The matter is that the watermelon contains phytonutrients and other vitamins that improve the blood circulation, clean the blood vessels, and increase a sexual desire. Also a regular consumption of watermelon reduces a risk of prostatitis cancer in men.

  •  Avocado.

It contains folic acid that increases the sexual drive and stimulates a production of testosterone. Avocado is especially useful for men at the age of 45-55 who have coming climax.

  • Nuts.

The use of nuts consists in a nutrition of the brain with useful fatty acids and contains a lot of iodine. They also stimulate the sexual drive and help to have erection easier during the sexual arousal. It is better to combine nuts with honey to enhance the effect.

  • Ginger and chili.

Red chili and ginger increase the testosterone level and improve the blood circulation. Your erection will become hard as a rock and you will notice the increase of the sexual drive. But remember that the use of hot chili may cause an ulcer of the stomach or gastritis. Therefore take this product carefully.

  • Verdure and garlic.

Dill, parsley, and spinach contain a lot of nitrates that will help to improve the blood circulation in the penis. And there is no need to say about the use of the garlic. Adding the garlic to the food, you will always have a hard potency and a good immunity.

Whatever properties all these products have, there is nothing can cure of the erectile dysfunction. Yes, these products will help to improve the body work, resist the pathological changes and even set the function of the reproductive system. But it may be achieved in combination. Therefore, if you decided to start the treatment of the ED, start from changing diet and go to other important tasks: medical examination, body weight loss, and finding a cause of the impotence.

A balanced diet with products we have told about will help to accelerate the process of the erection recovery and reduce a risk of the impotence aggravation. But it may happen only if you will consume this food on a regular basis.