Non-gonococcal urethritis – Sexually transmitted Infections

The reason why inflammation in the urethra takes place during any form of urethritis pertains to infections, germs, sexually transmitted bacteria or injuries due to surgery and other reasons. One out of four cases of all NGU’s have been observed to have no cause found till yet, but medical journals reveal that they are other unknown bacteria and germs which have not been caught under microscopes. The most common form of NGU is Chlamydia, which constitutes almost half the cases. Chlamydia is a form of the NGU bacteria that is possible to be transmitted during, oral, anal or vaginal sex.

Infection caused in cases of Chlamydia may be common amongst sex-workers, people with multiple sex partners or people having unprotected sex with multiple people partners. Being primarily sexually transmitted the infection is passed through the vaginal and penile secretions during intercourse. Since condoms can gate the secretion, safe sex is a primal method by which the disease can be prevented.

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Inflammation in the urethra can be caused by a variety of bacterial multiplications and viruses that may come in contact with the genitals. Numerous bacteria apart from Chlamydia are possible to be transmitted into the urethra through the vaginal and penile openings. It is, therefore, necessary to use condoms, not only to prevent AIDS, but dangerous bacteria and viruses which may not even have affected your partner as yet.

The use of contraceptive jellies, creams, and other lubricants can also encourage the passage of NGU infections between two sexual partners. One must remember that the virus only needs and opens into the body to affect the urethra. The infection can be passed through any opening and the use of lubricants in the vaginal and penile areas can enhance the chances of one acquiring the NGU virus.

Unhygienic environments are one of the primary reasons for NGU to be transmitted. Taking care of domestic hygiene is one of the most important ways of keeping various kinds of diseases away, and private parts of one’s body need similar care. Avoiding the sharing of underwear is one of the main ways to keep NGU at bay. Maintaining hygiene in wardrobes and toilets is an effective way to keep bacterial infections like NGU at bay.

It is possible to have non-gonococcal and gonococcal urethritis for men at the same time, since the infections can attack from both ends, although one has to be considerably out of luck for acquiring such a condition. The urethra may not suffer from any infection, bacteria, virus or such other organisms. However, there are chances of inflammation in the urethra that can cause NGU. Such inflammations can result from surgical reasons, injuries and other causes such as dehydration.

Reducing risks and talking to your partner about NGU infections

There are various things that come with adjusting lifestyles with sex partners when either one has been diagnosed with NGU. Complications may include having transmitted the infection to your partner even if you have used protection while having sex. Before anything else, one of the main activities constitutes getting tests done and obtaining extensive information from the medical professionals who are reputed and have to experience in the field of NGU cure.

One may feel utterly embarrassed about infections that have something to do with sex, or the inability to perform sexual intercourse. However, for maintaining an understanding, peace and an ambiance that can be lucrative for the patient to recover, talking to your partner is one of the best ways to prevent worsening of the condition. In a congenial relation with your sex-partner, it is also important to abstain from stray sexual activities, not only owing to moral issues but also pertaining to the chances of dangerous infections being transmitted through sex-workers and others.

It is important to talk to your partner about using condoms irrespective of how you plan to have sex. Oral, anal or vaginal, it is important to block all routes of possible transmission of the NGU infection in one’s body. The use of spermicidal products is one of the most dangerous ways of having “protected” sex as it pertains to a cell-killing mechanism that can weaken the resistance of cells in the urethra and surrounding areas. This is one of the reasons for people to get affected by the organisms that may get through the openings.

Reducing risks of an NGU infection also includes the safe method of frequent medical check-ups, especially if one is into frequent sexual activities with many of the opposite sex. People who have sex with multiple partners have a higher chance of acquiring and transmitting the NGU infection. This makes for strong reasons why one should discuss the important points of NGU infections and other diseases with their sexual partners even if either of them is still not affected.

One of the dangerous aspects of NGU infections is the possibility of the disease being hosted in the urethra for a considerably large period without it getting noticed. Since initial symptoms may take some time to show, there can be a possibility of the disease has spread through a considerable portion of the body. Possible complications can pertain to a number of other diseases including gonorrheal NGU in men. There are ways to determine the possible chances of NGU being diagnosed from a mild or severe burning sensation, and they should be left up to medical expertise and the support of your family.

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