Penis exercises: is it really work

Did you know that you can actually do penis exercises to improve your penis health? Although the penis is not a muscle, over time you will build up strength in your penis so that you have better sexual stamina, a bigger & stronger erection, and a better ability to penetrate. If you’re tired of being premature or you just want to make every sexual encounter count, then stop ignoring these exercises and what they can do.

What to expect from penis exercises

The primary expectation that guys should have when they begin to regularly exercise the penis is a better bedroom performance.

Although it’s true that some guys feel like they get a bigger penis from exercising, this is because of an improvement in their blood flow. They’re maximizing what they’ve already got! It’s about your health, not your size or your girth.

Exercises are perfect for guys who have had problems with:

– pills that didn’t live up to their marketed expectations;

– surgery recovery that just didn’t hit the mark;

– inconclusive results from any other form of male enhancement.

When you follow a quality exercise program for your penis, you will receive much better results when it comes to the enjoyment you have with sex. Your partner will love the experience and want more!

You’ll have the confidence, thanks to these exercises, to be able to provide more too.

How are penis exercises performed?

How can you exercise something that isn’t really a muscle?

You could go through online videos to see some examples of how to perform these exercises. You can find special training programs with the best exercise options. Every man on this planet is different in some way and those differences are your strengths. These programs can help you adapt to your specific needs, help you chart where you’re seeing success, and give you outside support and encouragement that will keep you driving forward.

You go to the gym to improve your core health. You eat right to give yourself plenty of energy throughout the day. Why not exercise your penis so that your sexual health can be improved on a daily basis too?

3 best exercises to improve the potency and quality of sex

Doing these exercises takes very little time out of your day. If you can make 10 minutes for yourself, then follow this guide.

1. Increase muscle contractions

Squeeze and unclench your pelvic floor muscles as fast as you can. Make 10 quick contractions, then rest for 15–20 seconds and repeat the approach a couple more times.

2. Compress and hold

Squeeze your “sexy” muscles as hard as you can, and hold them in maximum tension for 10-15 seconds. Then slowly relax. Do 2-3 repetitions.

3. Stop urinating for a few seconds

Stopping the flow of urine can not only strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor but also positively affects the internal sensitivity. For one urination, a minimum of three interruptions is recommended.


There is a special technique for penis enlargement by performing special exercises, the so-called Jelqing. The essence of the technique is the manual manipulation of the penis, it’s stretching. As a rule, the Jelqing course consists of a 5-6 month training phase, which is becoming more complicated every month.

There are exercises that allow not only enlarging the penis, but also correcting its shape, and evening out the curvature of the penis.

The result of using Jelqing is an increase in blood flow to the genital organ, an increase in its elasticity, length, and thickness. To achieve results, training should be daily and systemic.

Can a penis actually get bigger?

Absolutely! There are a number of independent clinical research results that have proven penis enlargement will work in a vast majority of men. In some case studies, enlargement for some men was only 0.1 centimeters, but other men saw an improvement of over 3 inches!

How can I make sure I’m doing penis exercises the right way?

The most common mistake that men make is that they pull the skin of their penis or hurt themselves by trying to stretch just their skin. Not only does skin stretching do nothing to increase the size of your penis or improve your health, but you could end up injuring yourself and that’s no good for anyone!

The key to a good Jelqing session is to pay attention to the firmness and consistency of your grip. If you have a grip that isn’t firm enough, you won’t be able to improve the flow of blood to your tissues. If your grip is too tight, then you’ll get no real benefit from the process because you’re cutting off your circulation. Consistency in pressure is important as well because this pressure is what encourages the cell division in your penile tissues. If you see bruising, then you are putting on too much pressure and should stop exercising until you properly heal.

Is there a way to know if the Jelqing pressure is correct?

There is if you’re willing to listen to your body. Bruising is an indicator of too much pressure being applied, but any pain that makes you uncomfortable is not something you should be experiencing. If you aren’t putting enough pressure on your penis, then you won’t see any results and your body won’t respond like it will with properly performed exercises.

Is there a good time of day to plan on exercising?

Any time that works in your schedule is a good time to begin doing penis exercises. It is the amount of time that you spend that matters more than the actual period of the day that you choose to perform the exercises. Morning, noon, or night are all equal.

Can I do these exercises more than once per day?

It is recommended that you do penis exercises just once per day so that your body has full time to recover. Some guys talk about doing two or three sessions each day and that may work for them, but for most guys and especially beginners, it is better not to push the body too far too soon. You should also give yourself a rest day once per week. You could do these exercises 7 days in a row, but it isn’t recommended because your body needs time to recover. Most gains, in fact, are seen during the rest day because this is when your body works on healing the stretched cells.

The goal of these penis exercises isn’t to masturbate or blaze through them in such a way that you put in the entire session in 50% of the time. If you do less than the required time, you’ll see fewer results. If you try to condense your sessions, then you’re increasing your risks of injury.

Can I have sex after exercising?

It is possible, but it is also recommended waiting a minimum of 24 hours before having any kind of intercourse so that your full growth potential can be achieved. In some guys, a minimum wait time of 48 hours is preferred, especially for those who are just beginning an exercise program.

What do you get with exercise?

The results are undeniable:

– you get better sex and increased pleasure;

– more self-confidence.

Have you been scared to date sexy girls because you just didn’t think that they were in your league? With these exercises helping you out, you won’t need to be shy about sex anymore.

This article is written by licensed urologist Dr. Lorie G Fleck who is a highly qualified specialist. If you have any questions you can ask us through the feedback form and Dr. Lorie G Fleck will answer you within a working day. We care about every patient.

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