Male territory: how to make yourself exceptional at sex

Being exceptional with women is a desirable trait. Everyday women of all shapes and sizes meet men who want to get them in bed. From a very young age, they learn how to detect and get rid of ordinary men. Those men may be the nicest and sweetest men and even excellent at pleasuring women, but the average woman will never know because she is just as hopeless as finding a man she would be really happy with, as she is at knowing what she really wants. Don’t blame her though, because she does this out of self-defense. She is simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of men that attempt to get into her pants.

Therefore, it is essential that you make yourself exceptional so that you can break through the normal barriers that women erect.

The question is how?

Women really want to feel special. Sexually, this is just as, if not more so true. Any woman can get more sex. All she has to do is say the word “yes”. But many women are not left feeling satisfied with their sex life and strangely enough, this is not usually because of any “technique” failure on the man’s behalf. Sex for most women is an emotional matter first and a physical one second.

Physical considerations for your sex life: show your respect

Here are no talks about general aerobic fitness and staying power. The vast majority of men have sufficient staying power for prolonged sex. Motivation can do amazing things. Three things come into play that often prevents men from having a better and more frequent sex life.

Body odor

For the body odor bit, cleanliness is vital and should never be ignored no matter what the heat of the moment says. Lust can momentarily override even the most blatantly sensible action and this one is commonly overridden. No matter how urgent the moment seems, unless it is a truly rare event that will never occur again, somehow or other, clean yourself before sex. The only exception to this rule is if the woman you are with specifically tells you that she finds your body odor a turn on. Be aware that people who do not drink alcohol or do not drink much can smell someone who has been drinking the day before from about 5 feet away. So if you are pursuing someone who is a light or non-drinker, try to limit your alcohol intake for about 24 hours preceding the date.


Bad breath is a killer of all things sexual and sensual. If you have a problem with it, make sure your method for mitigating it works. For example, if you take breath mints, ask your best friend to be brutally honest, take a mint and ask him/her if your breath is still offensive. If it is, try diet changes such as reduction of coffee, alcohol, and cheese. If it continues, seek medical assistance because it is one of those things that is a major turn off for most women.


Being overweight is definitely a turn off for most women. Contrary to what most people think being overweight is not the fault of the overweight person. But this fact does not mean that it should be ignored. Indeed, if he is to reach his sexual goals then a weight loss plan is necessary.

If the physical aspects are eliminated, it’s time to move on to the emotional components of perfect sex.

How does a woman know you think she is special?

Well to put it crudely, during sex she judges this on the state of your erection. If it is hard and big, she knows you find her sexy and this is the way she wants to feel. She will feel that you find her sexier than any other man she has seen naked. Since this makes her feel special emotionally and you are the one who made her feel this way, that makes you exceptional.

But it’s not just about erection

If you want to please your woman both emotionally and sexually, you need to understand her. If you truly love your woman, studying her shouldn’t become a boring task. Understand her needs and desires. Both in bed and everywhere else. Make her know she has a special place in your heart. Express your feelings and keep her happy!

Here’re 6 strategic tips to please your woman sexually and emotionally and also make her fall more in love with you.

Make her feel special

The reason why there’re so many broken relationships is that the men don’t make their women feel special. If you desire a fulfilling and exciting sexual and emotional relationship with your woman, then you must learn to always make her feel special (both in the public and when she’s with you).

Give her freedom

Don’t make some a vital decision without her consent. In everything you do, demand her suggestions. Make her know that her opinions and suggestions matter to you.

Make her go ‘’wow’’. Surprise her!

Women love surprises. If you want your woman to feel pleased with you all the time, create magical memories in her mind by surprising her with special sex gifts. This will make your sex-life diverse and bright.

Make her feel protected

Every woman wants a man whom she can feel safe with. This also applies to sex.

You may not have six-pack abs but pay attention to her needs. That’s the only way to make her feel protected. Take care of contraception and she will appreciate it! You’re not doing high-service. What you’re doing is helping her realize that you’re a fabulous catch among men.

Pay genuine attention to her needs

Just turn off the lights, close your eyes, and hope for the best.

It sounds more like jumping from a speeding train than a technique for achieving sexual fulfillment. Unfortunately, this cultural status quo leads many to sexual frustration and fake orgasms. Thankfully, however, a little communication can go a long way in improving sexual satisfaction, and it’s not too late to turn things around.

Involve yourself in her sexual life. The relationship isn’t all about sex. It’s about helping one another. Play an active role in your woman’s life. She deserves it!

Participate in her plans and goals in life. Pay attention to her state of mind at the moment. Does she want affection or coarse breathtaking sex? Does she need a kiss or a stimulating massage? This is what most men don’t know.

Be caring and affectionate

If you’re married, or into a close relationship, make your woman feel loved. Hold her hands. If she blushes your hand off, boldly tell her that you can’t stop holding her hands. The gentle touch of a man makes a woman go crazy.

Emotional affection and trustful gratitude will make your best sexual partner for your woman.

This article is written by licensed urologist Dr. Lorie G Fleck who is a highly qualified specialist. If you have any questions you can ask us through the feedback form and Dr. Lorie G Fleck will answer you within a working day. We care about every patient.

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