How to make your woman sexually obsessed with you

There’s nothing worse than losing your partner’s interest in bed simply because of your inability to satisfy her needs in bed. And you’re not alone. In this article, revealing to you a handful of things you can do the right way to jump-start your sexual relationship. After reading this short guide, you will be able to give your wife electroshock sex.

Sex that’ll make her obsessed with you

Here’s what you to do before reading this article:

1. Understand that you’re tapping into one of my most intimate sex secrets.

2. Sit back, relax, and grab a cup of coffee before starting your trip into a world of sensual delights.

Let’s get started!

Use more foreplay

Why don’t you use more foreplay frequently? It’s nuts. But it increases the tendency of your woman having orgasms. Learn some foreplay techniques and don’t be shy or afraid to spend 10—20 minutes on foreplay.

Don’t rush, remove her clothes slowly and carefully

If you’re desperate to go a bit longer in bed, and eliminate the pain and embarrassment of premature ejaculation, then you to take things slowly with your wife. Don’t rush. Take things very slowly. Remove her clothes in a sexy way.

Unlock her dreaded bra

At some point, most men find it hard to unlock their woman’s bra. But if this seems like a big deal to you, gently slip your middle and index finger, and then pinch with your forefinger until the clasp unhooks. Now, the bra is loosed. And the ‘’gates of heaven’’ wide open.

Massage her beautiful neck

Get her relaxed by massaging her laps and rubbing her neck. Use your palm to slowly massage her shoulders then go all way down to her knees… and go from there. Don’t withhold your breath at this point. Breathe. Make her feel your presence. Your hot passion.

Talk dirty, women love it!

Women love dirty talkers. They love men who’re confident enough to talk dirty to their faces. What does it mean by dirty talk? It means a simple, sexy talk that turns a woman on.

Turn her on through text

Foreplay doesn’t start and end in the bedroom. It starts outside. Before you get to the bedroom, get her turned on through text. Tell her to know how much you love her and that you can wait to grab her sexy, curling waist.

Reveal your intention

Yeah, tell her your mission. Let her know exactly what you’re going to do to her in a very sexual way. Be calm. Whisper when doing this, and then leave her wanting to see you in person.

Listen to her needs

If you want to quit your woeful performance in bed, listen to your woman’s needs. Be willing to keep learning and trying new things all the time; to keep sex interesting. Sex is meant to be enjoyed by both parties. If you’re the only person enjoying it, then it’s not sex.  It’s punishment. Do all you can to please your woman in bed. Listen to her advice in bed. If you’re not listening to her needs or not doing what she asks you to do in the bedroom, there’re higher chances that you won’t find sex with her exciting.

Increase suspense

The easiest way to build an exciting relationship with your wife is by sending her sexy text messages. You could be at the office and text her dirty messages, expressing how much you miss her; and that you can’t wait to caress her breasts when you get home.

Get her whet – go oral

The easiest way to turn a woman on is by warming her up and getting her wet and mentally excited. Go oral. Slowly spark up the heat until you penetrate, and break the gates of ‘’heaven’’ loose.

Pull down her knickers

Yeah, here’s the real deal. Rather than unlock her knickers or skirt, bite it. Don’t ask for permission. She never asked for it. Bite off her knickers with your teeth and slowly pull them down. This will turn her on a little more. Then slowly pull them down with both hands and perform the magic.

Tip: Women love violent men. Don’t be so cold in bed with your wife or woman. She needs the real you.

Learn some new, cool, sex moves

What you need to become a real man is to learn sex moves that target the g-spot. Missionary and Doggy style will make her quiver and moan in excitement as you hit her G-spot.

The Doggystyle is a powerful sex position that can make your woman have a squirting orgasm.

Here’s how to go about it:

– Place a pillow underneath your woman’s stomach and instruct her to rest on it.

– Tell her to guide her head down with her ass in the air.

– Thrust hard. At first, go at a steady pace and pound harder!

Try this sex position. You’ll love it!

Change your move

The reason why so many relationships suffer today is as a result of what called ‘’stagnant sex location’’. Fine, we all know the bedroom is the most accessible and safest place to make love but that doesn’t guarantee that it’s always exciting.

Try new locations

Change your location. It could be the dining room. Or kitchen.

You can hook up with your partner in the kitchen whilst she’s cooking or on the dinning; when she’s serving.

Lock your door and windows, and dive into the real game! Sex isn’t meant for the bedroom. Forget about getting caught. At least, you aren’t meeting each other in public. Go the extra mile. Women respond more to sex this way!

Think the right things

Yeah, the extents of your thoughts determine how far you go in bed. Eliminate thoughts of worries and concerns. In fact, get rid of all kinds of wrong thoughts and get into the right gear.

Fill your mind with lovemaking and pleasure. Tap into the right kind of confidence that your partner is looking for. Let out the lustful animal inside your body… And rock her hard in bed. Women love wild men. Get wild! This will make her obsessed with you.

Dive in

Yeah, forget about planning. Just get straight into it. Don’t ask her: ‘’ can we have sex this afternoon?’’. Women don’t like shy, “permission based’’ guys! Be bold. Get in the mood. Grab her when she least expects it. Pull her into the bedroom and show her that you mean.

Take charge. Take action!

Add some tweaks to your sex life. Try new things. Let your imagination dictate your movement. Pay attention to your woman. That’s how to make her obsessed with you.

If you’re good in bed, not only will you enjoy an exciting relationship with your partner, but you’ll also feel confident knowing that you can literally rock any woman till dawn.

This article is written by licensed urologist Dr. Lorie G Fleck who is a highly qualified specialist. If you have any questions you can ask us through the feedback form and Dr. Lorie G Fleck will answer you within a working day. We care about every patient.

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