How to ensure your wife doesn’t cheat on you

Why do adulteries happen? What are their reasons? Did something go wrong? All these questions arise in couples where the betrayal has occurred, and in people who are just planning to start a family. Even if a guy has just started dating a girl, then he may also have doubts: is the beloved cheating?

Here are some tips on keeping infidelity out of your marriage and maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. But before I go into that, let’s quickly look at why women cheat on their partners.

Three reasons women cheat

Some women cheat for love; some do it for sex and some, do it to boost their self-esteem. Some women also cheat because they just enjoy it. Whenever you hear that a woman cheats, you like to ask why? Well, here’re 3 reasons why they do what they do.

No emotional attachment

Let’s imagine the situation: there is a couple who have no children. They both work so hard to acquire a house, buy expensive cars, and live prestigious. But the only problem is they’re working so hard to acquire properties – forgetting that they have a relationship to attend to.

There’s no emotional attachment in the marriage. The wife feels lonely and decides to go look for emotional attachment elsewhere.

The reason may be not only at work. A husband can “to leave” to a computer, to games, to another hobby, and also can go to a garage and spend all his time with his “beloved wife” – his car. All attempts to achieve affection, attention result in either nothing or on-call sex without special emotions.

The truth is, no woman in her right senses would want to cheat on her husband but most times, the situation they find themselves doesn’t encourage them to keep faithful.

Tip: if you’re too busy at work, or don’t give your wife the attention she deserves, then you must clear your schedule and spend time with her.

Let her know you care. If you truly love your partner or wife, then spending some time to hang out should not become a problem for you.

Women who are thrill-seekers

There’re women who cheat for the fun of it. They love their husbands, and they will never leave him, but they need something extra… someone that could fill in that empty, sexual urge.

 Why some women become thrill-seekers

A woman wants to be wanted, to feel sexy. She wants your attention. If she loses that feeling or can’t get your attention, she opts for an alternative… and you don’t want that, no doubt.

She feels more like a housekeeper

A woman gets tired of the life she leads. Perhaps she ceases to feel like a woman, even if she has sex with her husband. With a new man, she, as in her youth, may not think that she did not cook dinner and did not help her child do school lessons. Sometimes such adventures turn into relationships, sometimes it ends with one or more dates.

A woman, who feels more like a servant, or housekeeper more than a wife, is more susceptible to finding an alternative that brings her appreciation for whom she is, rather than her functions.

Tip: your wife isn’t your cleaner or nanny. She’s your wife, support. Treat her like one. Make her feel loved and appreciated.

You can’t blame her. She’s a woman and deserves a good treatment in bed.

Don’t worry, 80% of men have it and up to a huge 70% of men experience it at some point during their life.

Here’s a rundown of what you need to do to last longer in bed:

– Do Kegel exercises daily.

– Use foreplay before sex.

– Grab some condoms.

– Don’t be too serious.

This situation is temporary, you can handle it!

2. Become a romantic lover… An unpredictable one!

Change things about the way you romance her. Become unpredictable. Don’t restrict sex to the bedroom; who says you can’t have a ‘’rough one’’ in the kitchen, or bathroom?

Make a wish list “Yes / No / Maybe”

Write by yourself and ask your partner to make a list of sexual desires, noting what you are definitely ready for and what you can only dream about. Exchange the lists, and perhaps you will see that you even most secret desires may coincide. The beauty of this method is that couples are sometimes embarrassed to talk about their secret desires, but with the help of paper and a pen, you can dig deep into your subconscious and share with your partner, without blushing.

Tip: try new things. It helps your woman become sexually addicted to you.

3. Turn her on regularly

Women are emotional creatures. They want to be loved. They want to be touched and cared for. Try your best to know how your partner’s body works. What’s her turning point?

Some women might be turned on by touching their hands. And some might not even be turned on when you touch their belly button.

You must have a unique understanding of your woman. This helps you know where to touch, to turn her on.

Kiss her always and everywhere …

Even when passersby on the street are watching you intently. Kiss her just like that. Without a hint of intimacy. Just because it is dear to you. Come and kiss her even when she is not in the mood, and when she is upset with something, kiss her more often.

Kisses are very important for a woman. And more touches …

Touch her as often as possible.

Stroke the silk locks of her hair, take her hand when you go somewhere together. Put your hands on her shoulders, hug her around the waist and kiss her neck.

Touch her just like that, without continuing in bodily contact, without fiery tango. Let her feel necessary, that she is priceless for you.


Create a new atmosphere of fun in bed. Make her feel appreciated, and don’t ever try to cheat her, because she might play it ‘’Tit For Tat’’.

This article is written by licensed urologist Dr. Lorie G Fleck who is a highly qualified specialist. If you have any questions you can ask us through the feedback form and Dr. Lorie G Fleck will answer you within a working day. We care about every patient.

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