Who you are?

We are an online company that specializes in providing a secure and safe purchasing process which allows you to receive treatment within 24 hours in most cases.

What kind of medicine do you sell?

All the medications we offer are dispatched from an accredited pharmaceutical broker and delivered by a secure courier. Our process guarantees that all treatments are genuine, correctly dispensed, and delivered securely to you.

Do you sell the same drugs of the same quality as more well known, branded drugs?

Our medications are manufactured in precise accordance with the original formulas using the same chemical ingredients, professionally replicating all the major name brand drugs. We can assure that our pharmaceuticals are of the same quality as the brand name products since they are an exact formula match.

What is your feature?

– Dispatch genuine medications from an accredited pharmaceutical broker.

– Offer next-day delivery.

– Provide free general medical advice and support

Offer customer support.

– Simple repeat-prescription ordering.

What about security?

The safety of our patients is paramount.  We insist that only genuine medications are dispensed.

How safe are the drugs you sell?

There is no difference in effectiveness, safety or quality between a branded medication and its generic equivalent. The health of the customer is paramount in what we do, so we guarantee that our drugs are manufactured in laboratories that carry out the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and stipulations laid down by the FDA. The generic drugs that you order from us are subject to the same stringent approval and regulatory process as all brand name drugs.

What are the conditions of the order?

We aim to offer the most convenient service possible. The process of ordering is quick and efficient. Within a couple of hours, your order will be reviewed, and after payment has been completed, your medication dispensed and prepared for shipping. This is why we are able to offer overnight delivery on almost all orders; so that you can begin the treatment you need almost immediately.

We provide customer support, before, during and after your order. Our Customer Support Team is available to answer your queries 7 days a week.

How do I use your online drugstore?

You can choose the item from the product catalog, do an alphabetic search or use the search form to be redirected to the page containing the product description and precautions. Choose the product you need depending on dosage and quantity and click the “Order” button.

Continue browsing the site or confirm your choice and choose the delivery method when you get to the Shopping Cart Page. Click “Update Cart” to get the final price and delivery calculation. Clicking the “Checkout” button in the Shopping cart will redirect you to the Personal Information Page.

After you complete this page, please review your Order Details section before confirming your payment.

One of our sales team will get back to you, usually within 24 hours.

No payment is taken/requested until we have confirmed your order by email.

A prescription is not required for this service.

How do I know what the recommended dose is for my medication?

The general usage instructions are provided on our site separately for each medication. Additionally, you will receive an information leaflet along with your shipment. However, in most cases you should get a consultation from your local healthcare specialist as the dose is based on your current state of health and individual contra-indications.

How many doses are there in one pill?

The correct dosage of an active ingredient is specified in the product’s full title followed by ‘mg’ (milligram). Pay attention to the dosage before putting any item into the Shopping cart.

What would happen if I overdose?

Each medication should be taken very accurately and in strict accordance with the usage instructions or physician’s prescription. Read the drug information leaflet before taking the medication. If you overdose you should immediately contact your local healthcare specialist.

What happens if I take an expired term medicine?

Medicines with an expired term will not harm you, however, you may not get the intended medical benefit of the product, either.

What does the package look like? I do not want others to be aware of my problems.

Your order will be packaged in a durable, opaque bag with no notes on its contents for your maximum privacy.

I have received my order but the pills are not the same as the ones shown on your site!

Please note that the pills you receive may differ from those shown in the pictures on our site. The reason is that we publish pictures of the brand named tablets so you can recognize the medications you are familiar with and that you need. The appearance of the pill (shape, color, name printed on the pill, etc.) is the intellectual property of the manufacturer and reproducing it exactly qualifies as a breach of the copyright. For this reason, the manufacturers of generic drugs cannot reproduce the exact ‘original’ appearance of the brand pharmaceutical.

Are there any limits on the quantity I may purchase at any given time? Are there any discounts for bulk orders?

Due to FDA regulations, you may only purchase a maximum of a 3 months supply of each of the medications. However, you could form one order consisting of various drugs. The order amount includes drug cost, delivery cost, and transaction fee, thus you will be able to save on delivery and transaction fees if purchasing more at once.

What if I didn’t find the medication I need?

At this time, we only sell items that are listed on this Website. However, we would appreciate if you would inform us of the medications you would like to have available. We will search for ways to establish business relations with new producers, in an effort to supply the medication you need.

This article is written by licensed urologist Dr. Lorie G Fleck who is a highly qualified specialist. If you have any questions you can ask us through the feedback form and Dr. Lorie G Fleck will answer you within a working day. We care about every patient.

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