Dr. Lorie G Fleck about generics: should we be afraid of them?

Dr. Lorie G. Fleck is a urologist with many years of experience. She treats each patient as an individual and a partner in his or her medical care and patient education a central component of this care. Each doctor has his own special areas of interest.

Dr. Lorie specialties in impotence and ED, prostate enlargement, kidney stones, vasectomy, urinary incontinence. She provides state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment using the latest urological innovations.

Dr. Lorie is a frequent presenter and has been published in numerous medical publications, including the Journal of Urology. She is a board-certified urologist and received the American Medical Association Recognition Award.

Her opinion on the use of generics in the treatment of urological problems is very significant, and her many years of experience confirms the awareness and justification of her treatment with the use of specific drugs.

Do you support treatment with generics when it comes to treating potency disorders in men? What generics do you usually assign?

Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) owns the same story as Viagra but is faster and effective longer. But it also will stay in your body longer which might be good to know if you have disturbing side effects.

Dr. Lorie G Fleck: Top dosage generic Cialis?

If you take Sildenafil the first time you should start with:

– 25-50 mg if you have a soft ‘erection’ which is not hard enough and/or does not last long enough.

– 50-100 mg if you have no erection at all.

For Generic Cialis 5x less is probably the right dose for you. 20 mg Tadalafil = 100 mg Sildenafil.

Can Sildenafil or Generic Cialis/Tadalafil cure ED (erectile dysfunction) or does it just overcome the symptoms?

No doubt! It is a well-known fact that not only the symptoms of ED (a weak or missing erection) can be overcome with Sildenafil but that the whole ED situation can be much improved when taking Sildenafil regularly for at least one month and then starting to reduce the dose slowly.  This is especially true for weaker ED’s caused by a venous leak. It seems that penile tissues can learn again to relax the way they should and thus spontaneous erections without Sildenafil can happen again. Your urologist will know if your ED is caused by a venous leak and if one of the two products could be a worthwhile try.

What other analogs do you trust in your practice?

Of all the different brands of generic Viagra, I personally use (and recommend) Caverta developed by Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd, a public listed India-based company with offices and facilities in the US, Europe, and Asia.

The truth is in the past, I’m hesitant about using generic Viagra. Why? Quite simply, I’m concerned about the manufacturing process and what goes into the drug. So when Ranbaxy issue a press release about Caverta, a generic version of Pfizer’s Viagra, I was pretty excited. You see, Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd is renowned for manufacturing generic versions of blockbuster drugs. Since 1999, they have manufactured and sold 103 different medications and drugs in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) standards and guidelines.

Why I recommend Caverta out of all the other brands available?

There’re several brands of generic Viagra in the market. Of all the brands available, I personally use and recommend Caverta. Why is that so? Simply, Caverta is developed and manufactured by Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. A public listed company, Ranbaxy has been manufacturing generic versions of the blockbuster drugs since 1999 in accordance with World Health Organisation (WHO) standards and guidelines.

As for the other generic Viagra brands like Omnigen, Silagra etc, honestly, I have had difficulty locating their manufacturers. Either that or their manufacturers are literally unheard of in the pharmaceutical industry. Now, I’m not saying these other brands are fake or anything like that. It just that I prefer to stick with a reputable manufacturer and I strongly encourage you to do the same.

Is generics better than natural ED products?

The comparison between PDE5 inhibitors with FDA approval and natural products advertised for treatment of erectile dysfunction is a moot one. It is the same as comparing LeBron James to Tiger Woods, there is no point in doing that. The simple, cold and factual truth is that ED generic drugs are proper medications, medications that took years of hard work and hard science to design, develop and perfect so that it complies to the highest standards of modern pharmaceuticals, while the natural products are nothing more than mixtures of different natural ingredients that are supposed to have beneficial effects that have never been proven by any objective and independent study.

If the developers and manufacturers of these natural products were sure that their products can be proven as effective, they would have submitted them to regulatory bodies and would have tried to obtain approvals that would be proof enough that their products are effective and real competition to generic drugs and other PDE5 inhibitors.

In fact, the real question here is why are those natural products still so prominent and why do some people still use those products instead of proper medications that have been proven effective and safe. The answer to this question could not be any simpler. The simple fact is that these companies and different websites that sell these natural products know that by employing certain advertising methods, they can muddle the difference between these two types of ED treatments and that it is enough to put fear into people concerning the safety of these FDA-approved medications. They are well aware that some people will simply believe the advertising quips that they use and that some people will not bother to gather all the facts and to learn the honest and very simple truth.

This truth is that PDE5 inhibitors, both official brands, and their generics, are in every single way superior to natural products whose only selling point is that their ingredients are 100% natural and that due to the fact that they have no effects whatsoever, they also do not cause any side effects.

So, do not be afraid of generics, these are proven and reliable drugs that I also recommend to my patients.

This article is written by licensed urologist Dr. Lorie G Fleck who is a highly qualified specialist. If you have any questions you can ask us through the feedback form and Dr. Lorie G Fleck will answer you within a working day. We care about every patient.

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