Does the size of your penis really matter?

This is a question that just refuses to go away, no matter how many times it is answered. Think about that for a moment. If the answer that we are given from all corners, the media, women in general, women that we have relationships, etc. were correct then why is the question all-pervasive in the sexual discussion?

The simple reason that the question refuses to go away even though it is answered all the time is that the answer given is wrong.

You read correctly. The media, medical professionals from all areas, women’s groups and many others always say that size doesn’t matter.

This is a really long-running debate, one filled with misinformation and distorted by political correctness. The fact is size matters. Size matters in ways you might not even have imagined possible. Just as some people like their beer cold while others like it hot, there is no one rule about the best size.

What is true?

In fact, if you want to have an exceptional sex life than the size of your penis should take the front row in order of importance. Men with bigger penises get more sex and better sex.

While a penis that is three inches or longer can impregnate a woman, the average length is approximately 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) long and five inches (12.7 cm) in circumference. The longest on record was 13.5 inches long (34 cm) and five inches (16 cm) circumference.

So, what size penis do you need to get more sex? Whilst many women find penises between 7 and 9 inches in erect length exciting, realistically, it would be best for you to have between 7½ and 8 inches of erect length. The reason is selfish. Too large a penis will mean that at times you cannot push it in all the way and whilst this is fine for the woman, it means you will lack the sensation of complete penetration especially when you climax. Also, if you like being given oral sex, bear in mind that there is a physical limitation in the throat of a woman that prevents 98% of them from being able to completely deep throat a penis larger than 7½ inches.

What is the perfect size?

For the purpose of satisfying a woman, there is no ideal size. Every woman is different. Some partners say that they were very happy with the six-inch-long and five-inch circumference members while others complained that it is too big and cause them painful bruising.

Vaginas also come in different sizes. A woman can have a religiously ecstatic experience if a man’s penis is long enough to touch her cervix while some vaginal tracts are so narrow or so shallow that sex with them is uncomfortable for a man with a large penis since he might not be able to enter her completely, and painful for the woman who might suffer bruising or tearing. Healthy vaginas are elastic so that even if the man’s penis is initially too long or too thick, with time and patience the vagina will usually stretch to accommodate him. If it doesn’t the woman might have a (treatable) medical condition.

About her muscle tone

Except for the vagina that is too narrow or too shallow, a woman’s vaginal size tends to be less important to her man than her muscle tone. As a result of having had children, vaginas stretch, becoming very slack and unattractive to some men who enjoy a tight one, however, there are tightening exercises and even a wide vagina can be extremely pleasurable for the man if the woman has good vaginal muscle tone.

A frigid woman with a tight vagina could make a man lose his erection while a woman with a wide and slack vagina who knows how to romance a man can drive him out his mind with pleasure. Likewise, a very exciting man with a tiny penis can be far more exciting and satisfying than a dull and boring man with a large penis.

Size and… what else?

Most women agree that a bigger and more muscular penis turns them on sexually and gives them even greater sexual satisfaction they want in bed. In all senses, a bigger and firmer penis fills the female sex organ, touching and stimulating every sensitive nerve endings in there, while providing the man and the woman a more pleasurable sexual experience.

Truly, women are most times secretive about “how they feel.” But in a recent survey, the shocking truth about how most women feel about their sex lives with their partners was blown!

Really “shocking” findings

In a recent survey conducted, the shocking truth about how most women feel about their sex lives with their partners was discovered, and they’re worth sharing.

In fact, the survey revealed that:

– 75% of women admitted that they are happy with the small size of the penis their partners possess.

– 38% of women admitted they never achieved orgasm during sexual intercourse.

– 70% of women are sexually dissatisfied because most men cannot hold longer than “3 minutes” before ejaculating.

85% of women are not satisfied with the sexual performance of their partners.

“Oh!  Is she actually pretending to be satisfied when she’s not? Must this be the reason why she has this ‘I’m not much interested’ attitude over sex? Does this really mean my penis is insufficient, or what? Can all these be…true?! Oh, my Gosh!…”

Hey, hold on! Stop before you go really mad on yourself. Remember, it’s not your fault actually – nature gave it to you, huh?! So, be calm.

The fault can only be yours, and you can only blame yourself if you fail to take action to turn around your situation.

From these statistics, we can conclude, that it’s not like penis size is “everything”. No! Other factors like the stamina and the control of the dude wielding the penis are also important too. So, you need to build on them as well!

What is the conclusion?

Size does matter but in most cases, it’s not the size of the worm that matters, but the way you wiggle it.

This article is written by licensed urologist Dr. Lorie G Fleck who is a highly qualified specialist. If you have any questions you can ask us through the feedback form and Dr. Lorie G Fleck will answer you within a working day. We care about every patient.

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