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Exceptionally safe, state-of-the-art urology in a warm and caring atmosphere.

The mission of oSFA company is to provide quality healthcare with an efficiency of sympathy.

Our mission is to apply and share new and innovative technology.

We have to include preventive and secure healthcare services in addition to the treatment without discriminating on the basis of Religion, Language and Gender.

   Our Vision

To establish a standard of excellence in advanced, innovative medical services, offering highly effective and high-quality healthcare services and facilities for the treatment of urological diseases and sexual disorders.

   Quality Strategy

   oSFA center is dedicated to providing high-quality health care by the health of applications of innovative and latest technology coupled with knowledge of urology excellence, that ensures safety and security of the treatment during patient’s stay in the hospital, promoting an environment of improvement of quality continuously and act in accordance with statutory regulations. We have only the most qualified specialists in the field of treatment of urology problems.

   The clinic pays special attention to the diagnosis of the causes of erectile dysfunction:

– personal consultation of a urologist with a careful examination of the patient;

– a general blood test to identify concomitant diseases (diabetes, insufficient production of the hormone testosterone, heart disease, neoplasms);

– general urinalysis to detect signs of diabetes and the presence of genitourinary infections;

– ultrasound examination of blood vessels.

10 million men in the United States are affected by impotence and erectile dysfunction. Three quarters (75%) of these cases are a physical issue, not a psychological one. We are here to help determine the root of the problem and effectively treat it. If the cause does end up being psychological, we may recommend counseling and/or sex therapy.

– Injection therapy.

– Medication: generic Cialis.

– Vacuum erection device.

– Inflatable penile prosthesis.


   Many people feel discomfort discussing bladder control issues with anyone — even their doctor. But you don’t need to be embarrassed—at least 33 million Americans currently deal with an overactive bladder, and the majority of those (20 million) haven’t talked to a doctor.

   An overactive bladder affects when, where and how frequently patients feel the need to empty their bladder, which can cause big lifestyle changes. The symptoms of an overactive bladder, (urinary urgency, frequency, and involuntary loss of urine) are not a normal part of aging, and we can help. We have a number of treatment options to successfully aid people in regaining bladder control. Treatment options include:

– Behavioral techniques.

– Medication.

– Biofeedback.

– Surgery.

– Pubovaginal sling.

– Cystocele repair.

– Rectocele repair.

   All Clinical expertise are available under a Roof/

A rich group of human resource:

– Highly expertise and Skilled Doctors and experienced medical professionals.

– Surgical experts of every surgical specialty.

–  Round the clock existence of a qualified and dedicated staff.

– Constant resource of most qualified nurses.

–  High-end latest technological equipment for laboratories and diagnostics.

– Fully equipped Critical care bedded wing.

–  Ultra-clean operation theaters.

– Internationally designed central sterilization & supply department for achieving desired infection control & success rate.

 It can be uncomfortable to discuss urological health, but it’s more uncomfortable to live with urological issues. We provide dedicated, state-of-the-art care to maintain and restore your health. From prostate to bladder control issues, we provide dedicated care to keep you healthy and enjoying life to the fullest.

 Thanks for choosing our company. We want your first visit with us to be a positive one. The information below will help our staff process your personal information and ensure your doctor can properly evaluate your issue.

 We educate, offer solutions and listen to you. This assures that you get the best possible care.

 Call us today for a consultation — take control of your health and get back to your active life.

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