What is Cialis and how it may help you?

Cialis – analog of the drug Viagra used with the aim to increase potency in men, whose sexual life isn’t as bright as it was before. It is produced on the basis of extracts of oysters and seaweed extract. Cialis is based on the active component Tadalafil. It is exactly that effective drug, which is used for erection problems by most number of modern men, who take care of their men’s health with the help of the proven drugs.

Like other similar formulations used for improving erection and treatment of erectile dysfunction of various degrees of complexity, Cialis has almost the same action. This is a high-quality drug, which works effectively improving blood flow to the penis and promoting sexual arousal. Many men believe that Cialis and similar drugs arouse sexual desire. They are very much mistaken. If you do not have the mood for having sex at the moment, arousal and psychological attraction to your sexual partner, Cialis will not help without natural excitement as well as any other drug for ED. The final result provided by Cialis pill is stable erection sufficient for perfect intercourse in case you wanted to have it naturally.


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Active substance: Tadalafil – 2.5 / 5/20 mg; Optimal dosage 20 mg Cialis. Cialis is a patented drug, which is successfully used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and has already helped a lot of men who are experiencing problems with potency to get the desired results. It is not difficult to improve your sexual life using such efficient drug as Cialis based on Tadalafil.

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Fast Worldwide shipping.  Modern life makes people enjoy modern shopping methods. In the 21st century convenient online pharmacy has become popular with many customers due to a lot of benefits that you can get choosing this way of getting Cialis.

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1-2 months and you are healthy! A lot of men nowadays use us Cialis online when they face such unpleasant health problem as erectile dysfunction, which may lead to full impotency in case you don’t take all necessary measures in the very beginning. Weak potency is a problem that is faced by all men at the definite period of life.


“I haven’t expected such results from one tablet of Cialis. My girlfriend was satisfied and really exhausted as we had sex several times during two days! What I liked about Cialis most of all is that I didn’t experience headache or any other unwanted effects, which are usually possible while taking such kind of drugs.”

My doctor prescribed me to try Cialis as I have some problems with achieving erection as well as maintaining the sufficient erection for the full sexual intercourse. Thanks to this drug I became more self-confident and can arrange a date with my girlfriend any time of the day and night, as I have Cialis with me always!

“If you have the diagnose “erectile dysfunction” as me, then try Cialis. I don’t know about other customers but as for me it worked really fast and efficiently. I got all advantages of using the medication administering it according to the instructions provided. I have stable erection after taking even a half of the tablet.”


How does Cialis work?

There are several important functions performed by Cialis on the way to providing you with an ability to achieve erection and maintain it as long as it will be necessary for the successful intercourse. Check out what exactly Cialis does to help you:

  • The active ingredient of Cialis, Tadalafil, relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis,
  • the muscles relax,
  • blood enters the penis,
  • firm erection takes place.
  • in case there is sexual arousal caused by the action of the drug Cialis with the help of synthesizing substances, the male genitalia are going to be filled with blood better.
  • Cialis helps in reducing vascular tone, which contributes to a stable and strong erection.
  • After sex, erection disappears.

What makes Cialis so popular among other drugs?

Now consider the difference of Cialis in comparison with other drugs promising you the similar action:

  • Cialis is well-known for working really long compared to other medications. It is going to provide you with its effect during 36 hours. Sounds really fantastic, doesn’t it? During this time, a man can make a virtually unlimited number of sexual acts.
  • Cialis is fast absorbed into the blood, which helps it to work quicker.
  • Cialis doesn’t have any negative impact on blood pressure, vision and color perception.
  • The drug is well tolerated in case you take it for the first time and during all following admissions.

All points that have been mentioned above are guaranteed benefits of Cialis, which you will notice after using it first.

Benefits of taking Cialis

Cialis standard dosage 20 mg is usually recommended to all men suffering from ED. But you should consult your doctor before taking a decision to take it as each organism may have individual reaction to the main active components of the drug.

Cialis has the following most important pros:

  • There is no need to take Cialis every day as it is enough to use just one magic pill and enjoy your incredible men’s power within the long period of time, which has already been mentioned here- 36 hours.  This is considered to be the best result among all existing erectile dysfunction treatment pills, including the well-known Viagra tablet. If you took the pill Cialis in the morning, even the next day you can please your partner with topnotch quality erection. The effect of taking the pill is already apparent after 16 minutes, but like any other tablet of this kind, the drug acts in the presence of sexual stimulation, and therefore that it should be taken at least 16 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse.
  • It is very convenient to use Cialis as you need just 1 pill half an hour before the planned intimacy.
  • No restrictions concerning eating habits. You are allowed to eat fatty food and drink alcoholic beverages but sure that not too much as large doses may affect any medication’s work.
  • Cialis can be successfully taken even by those men who have serious erection problems, not just the very beginning of erectile dysfunction.
  • Cialis can be taken by those men who have been diagnosed of diabetes. 68% of diabetic men, who have tested the drug noticed a significant improvement in potency, despite the fact that erectile dysfunction in diabetics is expressed more than in men without this serious health problem.
  • There are not many contraindications and side effects according to the clinical tests and reports of those patients who have already taken Cialis as their ED treatment.

Is Cialis able to influence spermatogenesis?

One more benefit of Cialis is that you shouldn’t worry about spermatogenesis, sperm production will remain at the same level as Cialis doesn’t have any effect on the quality /quantity of sperm. The same situation is with the reproductive function, which can’t be influenced by Cialis drug and remains the same it was before you started ED treatment, the probability of conception does not change. However, one more thing to take into account: Cialis can’t be used for infertility as it has other functions.

Generics of Cialis

Generics are analogues of the Brand Cialis, which include the same active ingredient, Tadalafil even using the same concentration. Among them: Cialis Super Active, Cialis Professional. You can also find Cialis in the version Soft. The difference of Cialis Soft from other tablets of this type is in the speed of onset of effect (Soft tablets are activated faster than usual).

How to choose the right dosage of Cialis

To begin with, what is Cialis – a drug that treats erectile dysfunction (abbreviated ED), with the active substance with the international name Tadalafil which has already received millions of positive reviews throughout the country. We must understand that Cialis is increasingly popular, and every man at least exactly already heard about this drug and its positive effects.

So how to choose the right dosage of Cialis, and what to choose: 20 mg or 5 mg?
The most particular issue before buying is the correct selection of dosage. On the one hand, everyone is in a hurry to recover and take Cialis 20mg, and others cautiously take this drug and start with 5mg. But what will be the right choice in the end? Of course the correct choice of dosage is the result of the doctor, but if you decide to start using Cialis for the treatment of prostate problems and erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to start with the drug with the active substance Tadalafil dosage 5mg and observe the condition.

What conclusions about the selection of the dosage of Cialis needs to be done?
Starting with 5mg, it is important to note: the General condition of the body, whether there are side effects (headache, blood from the nose, back pain), how well the drug worked.
If you understand that there were no side effects or they were minimal, and the effect was different, you can stop at such a dosage. If you feel that the effect was weak, then try to gradually increase the dosage. But we must understand that Cialis 5 mg and 20 mg acts 36 hours and there is no need to take another drug, if not passed 36 hours.
Why is it impossible to increase the dosage of Cialis up to 36 hours?
It’s very simple, because tadalafil acts 36 hours and if you drink the drug, then increase the dosage. But increasing the dosage will only be a negative factor for your body, and there may be side effects such as migraine, back pain, diarrhea, irritation, headache and fever. Be careful with any medication.

This article is written by licensed urologist Dr. Lorie G Fleck who is a highly qualified specialist. If you have any questions you can ask us through the feedback form and Dr. Lorie G Fleck will answer you within a working day. We care about every patient.

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